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MSN has always provided up-to-the-minute news, sports, entertainment and other information you can use. But producing one homepage that meets all the needs of our diverse audience can be quite a challenge.

That's why we've created MSN Editions: new homepages that give you an extra dose of the topic you're most interested in. Think of it as the same great homepage you know, but with even more of the stories and videos you want.

There are four new Editions of the MSN homepage to choose from: News, Entertainment, Sports & Latino. You can switch back to our standard homepage at any time by choosing Default.

So give it a try. Click one of the links below to check out an Edition and start enjoying more of your favorite content right now.

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How can I see MSN.com without having to scroll from left to right?

By adjusting your computer’s screen resolution, you can see the entire homepage without scrolling left or right. Choosing a higher screen resolution will allow you to see more objects on the screen at once. Adjusting your screen resolution is a simple and quick process that varies according to the operating system (OS) of the computer. Choose the appropriate link below for search results instructions:

How can I increase the size of the text (or font)?

You can increase your Web browser’s font size in three simple steps. The process varies according to Web browser. Here are search results for the most common browsers:

How do I learn more about other MSN and Windows Live products?

To learn more about other MSN and Windows Live products, click the appropriate link below to go to the product's homepage. To find troubleshooting steps and tips for each product, click either "Help" or "Help Center" (unless otherwise noted, below) on the product homepage.